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Within Chameleon's DNA, we have a deeply routed knowledge of color science and harmony. This vast knowledge ensures color accuracy across all of our tools and is the impetus behind our color engines including Chromalyzer and our PHI color harmonizing tool. Product manufacturers across many industries use our color engines to create and evolve their palettes, address trends and ensure a successful and effective color plan throughout the product life cycle. With Chromalyzer, your color design and planning process is streamlined, automated and results driven to guarantee a successful outcome for your color palette.

Build The Ultimate Color Palette

  • Do you have the knowledge and color expertise to evolve and expand your palette?
  • How do you address the trends and forecasts?
  • What logic principles have you applied in creating your palette?


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Color Science

Drawing on our extensive color knowledge and understanding of color science, our goal is to provide the ultimate color measurement, organization and design utilities.

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Chameleon’s Chromalyzer color software has been used to update and correct the color palletes of several of the world’s most well-known cosmetics and paint manufacturers.

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Chromalyzer software gives users the ability to view color and color palettes in both the 2D and 3D color spaces and performs extensive and objective analysis of the colors being compared.

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With our software you can display your ideas to your clients or associates who might otherwise struggle to understand the complexities and subtleties of color in a remarkably clear, precise, animated and professional visual presentation.
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