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Ideal Colors for Home or Commercial

Brick selections are among the most permanent decisions a home or building owner can make. Visualization technologies from Chameleon reduce the potential for mistakes and expedite critical decisions. The building project advances more timely, the customer makes the correct decision, and the builder is compensated more timely. Brick manufacturers, distributors and builders can collaborate to provide the ultimate brick selection and design solutions. We have many examples below, or if you would prefer, we would be happy to schedule a presentation if you would like to learn more.

Brick Selector

Selecting brick & mortar colors can be challenging, and Chameleon provides visualization technologies that simplify this process. Click the photo to select and start applying real brick materials.

Picture Perfect Design Tool

Leading the brick industry with product and design, Glen-Gery chose Chameleon to help keep them on the cutting edge and aid customers with brick, stone and mortar decisions. Click on the image to learn more.

Commercial Brick Selectors

Commercial architects, designers and building owners struggle with fa├žade decisions, and Carolina Ceramics selected Chameleon to help their customers with these critical decisions. Click on the photo to start decorating.

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