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Specification, Design and Selection Tools

Architects and designers of residential and commercial buildings utilize CAD, Photoshop and other design tools to create outcomes for their customers. Chameleon enhances this process with 2D and 3D photographic visualization solutions that take CAD drawings and 3D renders to a more realistic outcome. End customers can envision the final product before breaking ground, and architects and designers enjoy a reduced timeline to launch. From exterior and interior design tools, to animated, virtual reality and image manipulation tools, Chameleon provides the best suite of tools to help the design community expand their services and satisfy their customers. We have many examples below, or if you would prefer, we would be happy to schedule a presentation if you would like to learn more.

Architecture & Design Tools

Chameleon brings designs to life with photo realistic visualization tools that help designers and specifiers view and present outcomes for clients.

3D Render To Kitchen Design

New home builders use Chameleon to help their buyers through the design and selection process, shortening the design period and simplifying the materials selection process. Click the photo to start designing.

Online-to-Design Center Selection Tools

Connecting buyers to designers is simple, efficient and rewarding with online home buyer tools accessible in design and sales centers. Click on the photo to see how it works.

Design & Creation Tools For Complex Materials

When room visualization isn't enough, Chameleon provides a suite of pattern creation and design tools that help the creative and the challenged to design the ideal outcome. Select the links below to see some of our very effective design tools.

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